Shipping Information

Shipping information

Ready to order? Good! Just a little information how we ship:

  • We ship with UPS or FeDex.
  • We only ship to the USA.
  • Allow 1 day for handling.
  • We do our best to package your gifts so they arrive in best shape and safe!


Mishloah Manot 2015

Purim 2015 is on Thursday, March 5.

When checking out you can choose a delivery date. If you don't choose, we will try our best to ship it so it should arrive as close to Purim as possible.

Please note that UPS & FeDex deliver as late as 8:00 PM so we recommend selecting a date so that the Mishloach Manot will arrive on March 4 (Ta'anis Esther), like that you can be sure that the recpient will enjoy your Mishloach Manot on Purim.


You can reach us at: 1-718-234-7629